About Sakina – Founder of Healing Foods

Welcome to Healing Foods

I am Sakina, founder of the Healing Foods website. I and my family have had so many health issues from high blood pressure, diabetic nerve pain, back pain, diabetes, congestive heart failure, ulcers, IBS, and being overweight (to name a few) for over 40 years!

So Why Healing Foods?

When I hit my 40s I was fortunate to have met a great doctor who taught me that food and herbs have the ability to heal our medical conditions! I was so excited! I had spent my life on medications that had some very serious side effects. So to be able to turn to food for health and healing… I was sold!

My Goal

My goal is to help YOU have the best health of your life by using food to heal your body from the inside out!

I do this by walking with you side by side on this journey, sharing my experiences, recipes, and stories with you.

Also, I want you to feel like you can reach out to me if you have any questions, want to share ideas about healing foods, recipes, or just drop a comment to say hello. I’m here for you!

Much Love and Health,

Sakina C


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